Feb 27

27th of February 2017

STRADE publishes policy brief on EU raw material import flows

STRADE's policy brief 02/2017 analyses the European import flows of metals in various processing states and the connections with specific environmental and socio-economic issues in resource-rich countries.

Feb 27

27th of February 2017

STRADE publishes policy brief on minerals and metals from non-EU countries

STRADE's policy brief 01/2017 examines the role and responsibility of European institutions to positively influence the environmental and social conditions of raw materials production in non-EU countries.

Dec 30

30th of December 2016

STRADE publishes policy brief on voluntary initiatives, principles and criteria on socio-economic sustainability in mining

STRADE's policy brief 09/2016 reviews socio-economic principles and criteria in voluntary and legally non-binding initiatives with particular relevance for the ore mining sector.

Jul 21

Bo2W project: report chapter on Egypt analysis available

21st of July 2014 by Stefanie Degreif

In this report chapter our colleagues have prepared the general status analysis of Egypt as well as the issue of the generation of WEEE and ELV in Egypt until 2025. Furthermore the status analysis regarding collection, sorting and pre-treatment in Egypt is discussed in this publication.


The document is available here:

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