A globally sustainable land use and urbanisation (Globalands II)

Start:1st of January 2016
Environmental Law & Governance
Description:The goal of the project is to develop integrated approaches for a viable relationship between rural and urban areas and to demonstrate linkage points to global sustainable land use in the context of urbanisation. With this, the project will contribute to overcoming "silo thinking" with an integrated and mediating approach, bring together relevant sectoral policies on different levels, and to involve the often less regarded rural areas more strongly in the rural-urban-discourse. The project will begin with a review of the current state of information on the rural-urban nexus. Specifically this includes investigating existing development concepts, i.e. for urban planning, for insights for sustainable rural-urban planning; analysis of resource metabolism between cities and surrounding (rural) areas; as well as examination of the connection between cities and surrounding areas in regard to food production and consumption. Project results Alongside a general literature review, concrete examples of a successful rural-urban nexus will be collected and analysed. In parallel, political processes will be investigated, such as the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the "New Urban Agenda" developed for the Habitat III Conference in 2016. The project will identify opportunities to further develop these processes for sustainable strengthening of the rural-urban nexus. Building on this work, an overarching theoretical concept of a sustainable rural-urban nexus will be developed and discussed with experts, stakeholders, and practitioners. Finally, conclusions and recommended actions will be formulated for a sustainable rural-urban nexus with emphasis on options for action in German policy and on the European and international levels. Commissioned by: German Federal Environment Agency
Authors involved:TU Berlin, Institute for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability
Sosatz, Olaf
Westphal, Ida
Ecologic Institute, (project lead)
Wolff, Franzsika
Bleher, Daniel

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