Developing international soil law: Institutional analysis and policy recommendations

Start:1st of October 2016
Description:The pressure of use on soil resources is continuously increasing and the state of soil is declining worldwide. Soil-specific regulations or management approaches in international law have remained relatively scarce compared to other environmental areas. The project „Developing international soil law: Institutional analysis and policy recommendations“ funded by the German Federal Environmental Agency sheds light on the necessity and possibilities for improvement of international legal regulations on soil protection. First, within an institutional analysis, relevant international norms, standards and institutions will be identified, and their steering effects on soil protection assessed. The potential steering power of the international law level will then be considered, addressing the question of what international law can and should contribute to global soil protection. We will finally provide concrete recommendations for the further development of international soil protection law. The project is accompanied by ad-hoc consultation and an international symposium. Commissioned by: German Federal Environment Agency
Authors involved:Wolff, Franzsika
Ecologic Institute, (project lead)
Oberthür, Sebastian

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