Mineral resources and metals

Mineral resources are crucial for the development of all kind of infrastucture as well as residential and commercial buildings. The increasing global demand on bulky materials like gravel, concrete, bricks etc. leads to serious environmental problems like huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, pressure on the biodiversity and waste streams. Metals are essential for infrastructure (steel, copper etc.) as well as for many future technologies like modern batteries, solar panels, catalysts and many others. Different projects of the Öko-Institut adress the challenges due to the growing consumption of mineral resources and metals.

Publications List


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STRADE Introductory Presentation
Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Manhart, A., STRADE Consortium, Schüler, D., Degreif, S., Hay, D., 2016
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STRADE flyer (español)
STRADE Consortium, Hay, D., Degreif, S., Schüler, D., Manhart, A., Hermann, A., Buchert, M., 2016
STRADE flyer (Francais)
Buchert, M., STRADE Consortium, Hay, D., Hermann, A., Manhart, A., Schüler, D., Degreif, S., 2016
Bo2W Poster: Dismantling CRT (english)
Öko-Institut e.V., 2015
Bo2W Poster: Dismantling CRT (french)
Öko-Institut e.V., 2015
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3. Policy Paper - Germany 2049
Mottschall, M., Bulach, W., Huenecke, K., Schleicher, T., Degreif, S., Hermann, A., Buchert, M., 2016
2. Policy Paper - Germany 2049
Bulach, W., Mottschall, M., Huenecke, K., Schleicher, T., Schmidt, G., Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Stahl, H., Degreif, S., 2016
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